Maintenance Division

Pindari WA is a multi-disciplined Pilbara Aboriginal Business licensed to carry out building, electrical and asset maintenance services in towns and remote sites. The Business specialises in minor works, refurbishments, industrial cleaning, compliance and infrastructure improvements, both onshore and offshore for Blue Chip Resource Companies as well as Commercial, State and Local Government assets in the South West. Pindari’s Maintenance Division strives to create training, career path and employment opportunities for local Aboriginal people.

Maintenance 1

Pindari’s Management Team offers a comprehensive range of experience in Strategic Asset Management and Maintenance Services:

  • 30 Years’ Building and Facilities Management
  • 30 Years’ Electrical Asset Management & Maintenance
  • 10 Years’ Grounds Maintenance & Infrastructure Site Services
  • 10 Years’ Plumbing and Mine Site Village Maintenance

Pindari is equipped in all facets of maintenance including compliance testing and inspections, industrial cleaning and site support services, carpentry, floor covering, tiling, plumbing, electrical, roofing, air-conditioning, refrigeration, glazing, concreting, painting, landscaping and grounds maintenance.

Valued Member of the Team

Our aim is to become a valued member of our clients’ maintenance management teams. Pindari can demonstrate the essential knowledge required to effectively perform facilities maintenance, site services and refurbishment work, as well as manage tasks and contingencies in the context of the identified scope of work.

  • Ability to self-execute the works – no margins on margins
  • Competence to operate a call centre, admin. and workshop to efficiently manage reactive and emergency maintenance
  • Experience in quoting and delivering minor works, maintenance and refurbishment to residential buildings and facilities in towns and mine sites
  • Capacity to increase admin. staff and workforce to meet the volume of work – including experienced facilities and maintenance managers, programmers, skilled electricians, plumbers, refrigeration technicians, carpenters, painters, tilers, floor layers, gardeners and cleaners

Pindari is equipped to deliver all facets of maintenance, infrastructure and asset management in the Pilbara and South West regions:

Building Maintenance

  • General repairs and maintenance including ad-hoc and emergency repairs (carpentry, flooring, tiling, plumbing, glazing, concreting, painting)
  • Routine compliance inspections
  • Industrial and commercial cleaning
  • Site support services
  • Ceiling and roof inspections and repairs
  • Stormwater inspections and maintenance
  • Gutter cleaning and repairs


  • Routine inspections
  • Statutory Testing including Testing and Tagging
  • Extraction Unit inspections and maintenance
  • Machinery inspections and repairs
  • HVAC and refrigeration inspection and repairs

Grounds Maintenance

  • Landscaping

  • Landscape Maintenance

  • Irrigation Maintenance

  • Playground Maintenance

  • Playground Inspections