Indigenous Engagement

Each year Pindari revises and improves our Indigenous Engagement Strategy (IES 2020) and our Australian Industry & Indigenous Participation Plan (AIIP 2020) to ensure we are achieving our Aboriginal employment and training goals and helping advance other Aboriginal businesses in the Pilbara and the South West.

Pindari encourages its Leaders to set challenging objectives and take real action to substantially improve Aboriginal employment, culturally inclusive workplaces and career advancement opportunities within their teams and portfolios.

Our commercial goal is to work with Clients and other Aboriginal businesses to achieve greater retention and sustainable improvement in the representation of Aboriginal employees, suppliers and businesses in the regions where we work.


Supporting Aboriginal Businesses

Pindari is supporting new start-up Yargan Labour Hire, Koormal Plumbing for south west project/maintenance work and Perth based Timewell Electrical, owned and operated by brothers Billy and Jack Timewell, who come from a family of electricians. Pindari introduced them to the Pilbara mining industry and they are now executing Testing and Tagging and developing electrical capability in the blue chip resource sector with Pindari.

South West Aboriginal Business Consortium (SWABC)

Pindari is leading the marketing efforts for the new South West Aboriginal Business Consortium (SWABC), helping to establish a brand and online portal for like-minded Aboriginal businesses to work collaboratively and promote capabilities and achievements to prospective clients under a group banner.


Pindari has initiated and upheld four MOU’s with Traditional Owner groups in the Pilbara to establish good faith relationships and has now extended the same to the Woolkabunning Kiaka Aboriginal Corporation (WKAC). Together we have executed remedial and refurbishment works at Roelands Village through the Indigenous Land and Sea Council (ILSC) funding and engaging members throughout the project as well as other maintenance contract work in the South West..