Safety Performance

The following systems and procedures have been rolled out to all Pindari teams helping to ensure a standard platform is in use to improve safety outcomes through visible and engaged leaders.

M.a.t.e.s Safety 1
  • Pindari has aligned our Pre-Start Process with improved site procedures such as the installation of PSI Boards and the training and development of our Supervisors to conduct these meetings
  • Development and Roll Out of Specific On-Boarding Manual for all New Employees
  • Supervisor OHS Training- S44 External Training
  • Critical Control Checklist Training and CRM Portal Access Granted
  • 4WD Drive Safe Training Offered to all Employees
  • Leadership in the Field (LiF) Safety Interactions being conducted with Operations Manager and Contract Site Representatives.
  • Leadership in the Field (LiF) Safety Interactions being conducted with Site Supervisors and Team Members.
  • Use of Heat Maps to conduct True Self Audits on our Systems and People.
  • Introduction and Roll Out of Pindari’s Supervisor Mentor Program
  • Any Critical Procedural Changes or Issues are communicated immediately.
  • Lessons learned are developed and communicated to all our Teams across all sites and disciplines

Committed to our mates!

M.a.t.e.s Safety 2

Pindari is committed to creating a Safe Work Place with the Focus on Zero Harm at all times. The implementation of our Registered Safety Slogan  m.a.t.e.s – My Attitude Towards Everyone’s Safety has strengthened our Safety Culture throughout the business.

M.a.t.e.s Safety 3

The importance of our Safety Slogan

Due to increased workforce numbers and diversity of mine site contract work, Pindari recognised the need to enhance our safety culture and have created a company “mantra” whilst ensuring our client HSEQ requirements are being continuously met and reinforced.

The m.a.t.e.s initiative has strengthened our Safety Culture throughout the business and increased a sense of ownership and empowerment throughout the Pindari workforce. Our employees created the slogan and now they own the message and wear it with pride.

This highly visual initiative has also drawn positive attention from clients and other vendors while becoming a strong part of our brand helping us to:

  • Promote safety on all sites through all HSEQ communications
  • Assist in developing a safe culture and unity across all sites
  • Promote unity across Pindari
  • Promote Pindari’s safe culture to the client