The Pindari Way

Pindari’s staff are guided in their everyday work life by The Pindari Way – the values it holds as a business and the value it delivers. Integrity, Community, Accountability, Reliability and Teamwork underpin and form the foundation of ‘the way we do things at Pindari’.

The Pindari Way 1

Pindari is dedicated to leaving a positive impact through the work it does, how it works, the way it empowers staff and gives back to the communities in which it operates. 

Pindari began with humble beginnings as a start-up company and now employs more than 370 staff. Founders Dave Pidek and Natalie Venosi named Pindari for the word’s Aboriginal meaning: ‘From the high ground’. It resonated with their personal values, work ethic and their origins. Pindari is built on strong foundations and diversity, through its people and the services it offers. 
The Pindari Way guides the organisation to be the leading Aboriginal Contractor in regional WA delivering service excellence, setting new industry standards, empowering indigenous people and local communities. 

Our values underpin our culture and success

The Pindari Way 2


We display the highest standards of behaviour in all aspects of our work.

We always act fairly and honestly, doing the right thing by each other, our clients, colleagues, and the communities in which we operate. We consistently treat colleagues, clients, alliances, and Pindari resources with the respect they deserve.


We are a caring and inclusive organisation empowering people and improving resilience.

We build community by being kind, compassionate and looking out for others. We always support each other and respect the communities in which we work. We engage genuinely to advance the interests of indigenous people, businesses, and communities.
The Pindari Way 3
The Pindari Way 4


Always take responsibility for our actions, behaviours, performance, and decisions..

We respect each other and work together to create a safe and healthy workplace. We are all required to follow our Code of Conduct, policies, and procedures. We are known for living the Pindari Way values and behaviours.


Always deliver safely, consistently and in a timely manner..

We always do what we say we will do, being dependable and respecting our relationships with others. Let’s always be willing to go
the extra mile to find solutions and deliver better outcomes safely.
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The Pindari Way 6


We work together as one team in achieving our purpose. We are one.

Be open and take on board the views of others when problem solving. We recognise and reward each other’s contributions, safety standards and efforts. We recognise, support and value diverse skills, experience and backgrounds.