Ongoing Maintenance in the South West

Planned Maintenance and Breakdown Repairs

Client & Department

Dept. of Finance – BMW (Building Management Works)


Southern Region- Narrogin Region

Project No. and Name

Provision of Planned Maintenance and Breakdown Repairs for Stormwater Systems and Gutter Cleaning


Won through competitive tendering


Quarterly and Annual Inspections

Project Duration

3 Years

Scope of Work & Disciplines

Provision of Planned Maintenance and Breakdown Repairs for Stormwater Systems, Gutter Cleaning and Solar Panels.

Key Challenges

  • Collaborating with School Administration

The Pindari Advantages

Our maintenance contracts are managed by an MBA qualified Operations Manager with 30 years of experience running and managing large services contracts. He is supported by a crew of experienced Supervisors each responsible for either a contract or a site depending on the nature of the contract.

Pindari’s Supervisors receive ongoing training and development that includes formal health and safety training, driving courses, computer skills, leadership and communication development.

Pindari’s reporting systems are highly comprehensive, and all reports can be provided electronically with the ability to access transactional data through our IT platform with an emphasis on flexibility to adapt to any new requirements and to provide additional services. We can perform a detailed analysis of our operations to integrate the data and create customised user-defined reports.

Other Info

Pindari invested many hours in looking into equipment for this job that would minimise the risks of Working at Heights and also Manual Handling- the Gutter Master 2050 has had several clients talking and interested to see how it works. The outcome is fantastic and the risk of Working at heights is mitigated ensuring this work is undertaken in a Safe Manner at all times.