Nammuldi Below Water Table (NBWT)
Village Landscaping

Client & Department

Rio Tinto


Brockman 4

Project No. and Name

NBWT Village Landscaping



Scope of Work & Disciplines

The Nammuldi Below Water Table (NBWT) Village Landscaping comprised design, supply and installation of reticulation, screening & feature trees, ornamental concepts, shrubs and low level planting, turf lawn, paving and an array of landscaping treatments to enhance the village and user experiences all year round.

The design considered key elements of colour, space, shade and pathway definition without disguising or disrupting the function of buildings and structures.

Pindari created green zones with upcycled iron sculptures around gazebos for social interaction and seclusion as well as open spaces in the village for leisure or passive recreation. Indigenous arts featured in the accommodation zones to disguise service corridors, manage pedestrian traffic and soften building lines while preserving access to services.

Screening trees aesthetically frame the village frontage, provide shading and complimenting the village entry landscaping treatments which included a night lit meeting place and bushtucker garden.

Landscaping and planting defined paths and verandas that encourage residents to use the existing pedestrian access and control traffic around turf lawn areas.

The planting softened all aspects of the central facilities (kitchen-diner and tavern-beer garden/cafe recreation, gymnasium complex) and the view looking out from within the central facilities and from the footpaths was no longer of the service yards. The area was also made more functional with a large concrete hardstand featuring a meeting place design defining the designated smoking area.

A summary of the services executed

Landscaping, including the supply and installation of:

  •  Low level plants, shrubs, trees, turf lawn
  • Screening and ornamental features
  • Mulching, fertilising and establishment of plants
  • Paving and separator edge strip between plants and turf lawn

Civil Works to complete the landscape design including:

  • Top soil and detailed earthworks
  • Installing additional conduits under pathways and re-instating pathways
  • Underground services including excavation, placement of irrigation lines, pulling through within conduits under footpaths, backfilling and compaction
  • Trenching and barricading of open trenches
  • 70sqm concrete hardstand with Aboriginal meeting place design embedded

Irrigation Works, including the supply and installation of:

  • UV stabilised poly plastic pipework lines, valves, sprinkler heads, drippers, sprayers, nozzles, connectors
  • Backflow valves, control valves, solenoids, pumps, pump start relay boxes, weather sensor, reduced pressure backflow preventers, watering stations
  • Control panels / cabinets, timing controls
  • Electrical and communication components including wiring, conduits, ducting

Key Challenges

  • Cutting concrete pathways outside noise curfews and maintaining path access for personnel
  • Designing and installing reticulation to planter boxes using copper waterlines attached to overhead walkways
  • Ensuring reticulation did not impede /interfere with existing underground services within 1 metre

The Pindari Advantages

  • Pindari has a comprehensive knowledge of all Rio Tinto procedures from premobilisation documentation and actions through to final completion
  • Pindari have an excellent safety record over many years of Building Construction and Maintenance and a comprehensive knowledge of Rio Tinto Safety Procedures
  • Pindari’s Project Managers and Site Supervisors are experienced with comprehensive Trade Backgrounds and years of experience working in the remote Pilbara Region and in an Operating Minesite Environment
  • Pindari engages Indigenous Employees with ties to the Pilbara Traditional Lands and develop the Employees experience and knowledge of varied trade roles