W2 Creek Crossing

Yandi W2 haul road creek crossing and associated drainage structures, which are required to enable haul access and traffic crossing of the creek.

Client & Department

BHPBIO Engineering



Project No. and Name

PIN0615 W2 Creek Crossing




July/August 2016

Project Duration

8 weeks

Scope of Work & Disciplines

These works consisted of all management, supervision, survey, labour, materials, tools, equipment, consumables and transport, necessary to complete activities.

An overview of the works carried out for the Yandi W2 Haul road floodway crossing and culvert is as follows:

  • Site development
  • Bulk earthworks
  • Creek Crossing – 146m long road floodway with rock fill subgrade and corrugated steel pipe culverts

Key Challenges

  • 1 in 10 year rain event on the day of mobilisation causing the Creek to rise to 1.5m in depth
  • Coordination of revised programming and dewatering of creek

The Pindari Advantages

  • Experienced Construction Management Team with the ability to adapt to weather conditions, reprogram and accelerate works with extra personnel & plant when required
  • Access to workflow to implement personnel mobilisations quickly & efficiently in order to accelerate works program
  • Pindari has a very good understanding of BHP pre-mobilisation requirements for both plant & personnel ensuring that mobilisation when required is compliant & efficient
  • Project completed on budget

Other Info

  • Client extremely happy with daily reporting of project progress, personnel BAC sign on and forecasting
  • No incidents for duration of project