Fuel Facility Upgrades

A diverse range of services supplied from building to refurbishment to labour hire services

Client & Department

BHP Engineering


Barimunya (Yandi)
& Coondewanna (MAC)

Project No. and Name

PIN1543 & PIN1544
Fuel Facility Upgrades


$770k (combined)


September 2019

Project Duration

6 Weeks

Scope of Work & Disciplines

BP Australia Pty Ltd (“Air BP”) owns, operates and maintains the aviation fuel infrastructure at Barimunya Airport and Coondewanna Airport, with BHP contracted as the Air BP Airfields Representative. To remain compliant with the revised aviation fuel management standards, Air BP was required to upgrade existing fuel infrastructure at these airport locations.

Working in conjunction with Air BP, Pindari was engaged by BHP to complete civil and electrical works as part of the fuel infrastructure upgrades. These works were successfully completed airside, with thorough programming of construction activities around busy flight schedules.


  • Site Works
  • Trenching & Concrete Cutting
  • Concrete & Reinforcing Work
  • Hydraulic Works
  • Electrical Works
  • Bollard & Wheel Stop Installations

Key Challenges

  • Complex project, working in conjunction with BHP, Air BP, airport operations and various stakeholders
  • Projects completed airside at fully operational airport
  • Activities programmed around flight schedules, with works on standby while flights landed regularly throughout the day

The Pindari Advantages

  • In-house HSEQ Advisors, with the Projects completed safety within high-risk work areas
  • Self-executed majority of works, minimising the number of subcontractors required on site
  • Collaborative approach to all services, programming works around airport flight schedules and client requirements
  • PAB engagement, improving employment and training opportunities for Indigenous personnel

Other Info.

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