OHP Office Refurbishment

A range of refurbishment works to administration offices

Client & Department

BHPBIO, Engineering


Area C OHP

Project No. and Name

OHP Office Refurbishment




July 2016

Project Duration

5 Weeks

Scope of Work & Disciplines

Maintenance and refurbishment works to the OHP Administration areas including the Training & Meeting Room, Video Conference Meeting Room, Administration & Breezeway and Production Office at Area C.

The works involved a range of trades to carry out the following key tasks:

  • Removal of existing and construction of new partition walls
  • Painting of walls, doors and ceilings
  • Removal and replacement of vinyl flooring
  • Supply and install of cupboards
  • Electrical installation of lighting, data access and power points
  • Layout alterations and relocation of furniture

Key Challenges

  • Working in/around staff within the office areas with minimum interruption
  • Ensuring all the correct and required materials arrived on site within a tight timeframe for seamless project execution

The Pindari Advantages

  • Knowledge of BHP Systems & Processes
  • Highly skilled and qualified trade based workforce delivers A+ result.

Other Info

Zero major incidents, zero environmental incidents, zero fatalities..