W2 Flood Bund Diversion Drain Culverts

Construction of a flood bund and culvert crossing within an active mining pit.

Client & Department

BHPBIO Engineering



Project No. and Name

PIN0712 W2 Flood Bund
Diversion Drain Culverts




July/August 2016

Project Duration

3 weeks

Scope of Work & Disciplines

Undertake the works package associated with the Western 2 pit development comprising the Flood Bund Construction and Diversion Drain Culverts Crossing installation.

  • Construction of a flood bund; and
  • Construction of a culvert crossing over diversion drain

Key Challenges

  • Working inside the active Western mining pit.
  • Escorting of all plant, equipment and materials along active haul roads / through a live pit.
  • Mobilisation of batching plant on site for stabilised sand

The Pindari Advantages

  • Experienced Construction Managers & Work Crew in civil operations
  • Good knowledge of BHP procedures & specifications
  • A pool of plant & equipment that is BHP ready and FRCS compliant
  • Personnel with Blue Pit Pass for access in/out of active mining pit

Other Info

  • Pindari ensure reporting to client is daily with all personnel information, BAC sign on, Progress each day and forecasting
  • Project completed on time & on budget
  • 100% Zero Harm for the duration of the job